Step into the Future with Coachtopia: A New World Of Sustainability & Style

So you may have heard that Coach, the luxury fashion brand, has launched Coachtopia, an initiative that aims to implement sustainable practices throughout their business operations. The initiative is grounded in the belief that the fashion industry can no longer operate in a linear, unsustainable model, but must instead embrace a circular approach.

Coachtopia incorporates the principles of the circular economy framework, which seeks to minimize waste and maximize the use of resources. The initiative includes sustainable materials, manufacturing, and distribution practices, and promotes the reuse of products through second-hand sales or other means.  The circular economy is based on the idea that waste should not exist, and that products should be designed to be reused or repurposed at the end of their lifecycle.

This isn’t the first “sustainable” initiative from the brand however.  Last year, Coach launched Tomorrow’s Vintage. Their Coach(Re)Loved program, a circular ecosystem for refurbishing, reimagining and recycling pre-loved products, was celebrated with the launch of its first-ever concept store in London, “Tomorrow’s Vintage” in Spitalfields, London.

Community is a fundamental pillar in this initiative with Coach utilizing various social media creators and educators to help further their message.  Their aim was to reset the paradigm between brand and the consumer by co-creating this new sub-brand in collaboration with a growing community of Gen Z individuals—from climate activists, designers and upcyclers to journalists, film makers, entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts, all sharing their insights on circularity in fashion.

The Coachtopia brand takes this commitment one step further – incorporating these principles into every aspect of the brand’s operations, from product design and manufacturing to packaging and distribution. One example of this is the Coachtopia Circular Craft collection, which features products made from sustainable materials such as recycled leather taken from off-cuts from factory floors and organic cotton. These materials are chosen for their durability and environmental sustainability, and are crafted using traditional techniques to ensure longevity.

The Coachtopia Circular Craft collection also promotes the idea of circularity through its design. Each piece is made with the intention of being timeless, versatile, and durable, with the aim of reducing the need for frequent replacements – creating in a way to that removed waste from the design cycle.  The collection includes a range of products, from handbags and wallets to clothing and accessories, all designed to be functional and long-lasting.

According to the Fashion on Climate report from McKinsey & Company, published in  2020 –  38% of the fashion industry’s greenhouse gas emissions come from creating new materials.  One of the most interesting parts of the initiative is the commitment to reducing waste throughout their supply chain.  They will achieve this through a variety of measures, for instance, reducing excess inventory and promoting recycling and composting.  The brand is also exploring new technologies and materials that can help to reduce waste and improve sustainability.

Transparency and education around sustainability is a key component and one that is really evident in their Selfridges pop-up in London. The brand is committed to sharing information about their sustainability practices and goals, as well as encouraging consumers to make more sustainable choices. This includes providing information on the materials used in their products and the environmental impact of their operations, as well as offering tips and resources for sustainable living.

So, is this really a lesson in “Greenwashing”?

It’s important to note that there is always a risk of greenwashing, by now, most consumers are savvy to  companies making exaggerated or false claims about their environmental efforts in order to appear more sustainable than they actually are. 

But in all honesty, Coachtopia seems to be a genuine effort by the luxury brand to embrace sustainable practices and reduce their environmental impact.  The initiative is based on the principles of the circular economy and incorporates sustainable materials, manufacturing, and distribution practices. The Coachtopia Circular Craft collection, for example, uses recycled leather and organic cotton and is designed to be durable and long-lasting.

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