6 Ways To Make Your Wardrobe Circular

Daisy Harvey

You may know what sustainable fashion is, but what about circular fashion?

Circular fashion rejects the idea that we need to throw our clothes away once we’re ‘done’ with them. Instead it’s about finding creative ways to extend the life cycle of our clothes for as long as possible.

So when you take a look at the clothes in your wardrobe, what can you do to give your clothes a new lease of life?  Here are 6 creative ideas to try. (Some could even earn you some money…)


Do you have clothes you never wear, hidden in the back because they don’t fit quite right? Before taking them to the charity shop, try altering them with The Seam. This platform connects you with skilled tailors and seamstresses who can make those necessary adjustments, giving your clothes a new lease on life. From hemming jeans to resizing dresses, The Seam helps you cherish your favourite pieces for longer.


This doesn’t have to mean getting your sewing kit out. There are brilliant designers out there who can mend your clothes with embroidery. For example, take a look at Revive London. Revive London can mend your clothes, transforming rips and tears into characterful embellishments. This not only extends the lifespan of your clothes but also elevates your wardrobe.


Love the colour or fabric, but started to hate the style or shape? Post your items on Loom and designers will share ideas with you on how they can upcycle your clothes into new designs and accessories. For example, I upcycled an old maxi dress into a skirt, bag and earrings with designer Tabby, all for under £100!

Credit: Bricks Magazine


One person’s “no longer loved” is another’s treasure. Grab your unwanted clothes and head to Loanhood’s Swap Shop (currently in Selfridge’s). Hand in your clothes, get given tokens and swap your tokens for whatever items take your fancy. 

Selling through Thrift and The Cirkel

If you have clothes that no longer spark joy for you, why not sell them to someone else? Platforms like Thrift and The Cirkel make selling your pre-loved clothes a breeze. 

Renting via By Rotation and Loanhood

Some clothes hold a special place in our hearts, but for the majority of the time they’re sitting in our wardrobes collecting dust. Instead of hiding them away, try renting them out on By Rotation or Loanhood. These peer-to-peer rental platforms enable you to share your cherished pieces with others, making fashion a more accessible and sustainable experience. 

Transitioning to a more circular wardrobe not only benefits the environment but also empowers you to make conscious and mindful choices. By embracing these circular ideas you’re reducing waste, supporting small, conscious businesses and hopefully even making a little money while you’re at it.

So what do you think? Will you try any of these circular alternatives?

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