The Size Inclusive, Sustainable Brands We All Deserve

Nicole Ocran

Sustainability and plus sizes have gone hand in hand since the beginning because, as we know, the best way to “shop” sustainably is to dive back into your wardrobe. For the longest time plus size people have had little choice but to wear what they already own, as there were little to no brands willing to cater to larger sizes.

But when it comes to buying new, plus size people still feel like the only option available is to turn to fast fashion brands for their price point, accessibility, and inclusivity in terms of sizing.

We’ve got a long way to go, but we’ve come a long way since then. 

With the brands like Zara and ASOS’s prices going up and production cost and quality going down, it’s even more in our best interest to seek out and spend with the brands who we know are centering and catering for plus size people specifically. On top of that, putting our money towards the brands that we know are putting in the time, money and care into being ethical and sustainable where they can in the process.

I’m excited to dive into this list which is certainly not exhaustive but a great place to start. There are brilliant brands who have been working tirelessly from their early beginnings and also young brands who have stormed the scene with these core values at heart.

Loud Bodies

If you’re looking for romantic styles…go for Loud Bodies

Loud Bodies is a brand who has made it their mission to centre plus size people as well as accessible fashion, while also being ethical and sustainable in the process. It’s a brand founded by Patricia Luiza Blaj based in Romania and is a real testament to what is possible in the inclusivity space. 

Patricia is open about who works in her atelier as well as where fabrics are sourced, and they’ve only been in operation since 2020.

Loud Bodies offers from sizes XXS to 10XL (0-42US) as well as free custom orders, which is almost unheard of from most brands when it comes to alterations. 

The Emperor's Old Clothes

If you’re looking for vintage inspired pieces…go for The Emperor’s Old Clothes

Emperor’s is a sustainable fashion brand based in Brighton who produce clothing in vintage or limited production fabrics. They are a UK living wage employer and are always striving to lessen the environmental impact of their clothing production.

They have vintage inspired pieces like tea dress and pencil skirts, and wearable options for every day, like dungarees, tops and trousers.

Sizes range from a UK 4-6 to 30-32, and they offer the opportunity to “build your own wardrobe” – so if you have your own fabric and idea in mind, they can create it for you! 

Lora Gene

If you’re looking to add a little chic…go for Lora Gene

Lora Gene is founded by Bulgarian designer Lora Nikolaeva who wants to keep womanhood, community and inclusivity at the core of her brand.

Here you’ll find chic staples for every day, cotton and linen shirts and sets, chunky knits and beautiful loungewear pieces.

Natural fabrics are truly where this brand shines, and the silks in particular are firm favourite in the fashion community. Each piece is all made-to-order.

Sizes run from UK 6-28.

GIrlfriend Collective

If you’re looking for activewear…go for Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective absolutely cornered the market when it comes to plus size, sustainable activewear. They stormed onto the scene in 2016, founded by couple Ellie and Quang Dingh, with simple bra and legging sets and have since expanded to offer a range of activewear and athleisure options like tracksuits, tennis dresses and skirts, and outerwear.

The sustainability piece was borne out of Quang coming across a way to manufacture polyester out of recycled water bottles (a trend that has now practically become a staple), but the brand has circularity at its core. 

The garments are made with recycled materials and are made to be recycled within their takeback program, ReGirlfriend, where used garments are manufactured into new pieces for Girlfriend. The Girlfriend-to-Girlfriend program also offers reselling within the community to one another when it comes to pieces that may no longer work for you.

House of Flint

If you’re looking for slow, flexible fashion…go for House of Flint

Jessica started House of Flint as a way to showcase that our clothing can be long-lasting and flexible, able to grow and adapt with our bodies as we change and grow. 

House of Flint pieces are classic and functional but also offer fun prints like polka dot and gingham, as well as rich, jewel tone colours.

Sizes range from a XS-5XL (UK 6-32).

If you’re looking for magical pieces…go for Mary Benson

Mary Benson holds a special place in my heart with her bold, vibrant prints and designs. A bit vintage inspired, and a bit 70s with a modern twist, each of her pieces are organic and ethically made, sourced locally and made on a limited run.

Her bridal gowns and dresses are ethereal and definitely for a bride who isn’t afraid of a stand out piece! If you’re looking to try before you buy, I’ve seen a few of her pieces available on rental sites like By Rotation.

Sizes run from a UK 4-30.

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