5 Of The Best Responsible Danish Brands You Need In Your Wardrobe

Bianca Foley

Now we may be in the midst of a heatwave in the UK, but we are already looking for ways to update our AW wardrobes.  Danish brands have been having *a moment* for some time now and our team are obsessed with them.  The chic designs, sleek lines and abundance of more responsible brands makes them even more alluring.  

There is a perception that Scandinavian design constitutes a uniform and minimalist approach. So we have searched the internet to find some of the best, responsible brands available now. 


Aiayu is a brand that epitomizes conscious luxury, seamlessly blending Scandinavian design with sustainable practices. With an unwavering commitment to responsibility, Aiayu crafts timeless products that not only exude elegance but also uphold environmental and ethical values.


Shop Aiayu:

Gentle Turtleneck
Mason Jacket Tailored Linen
Bea Skirt

By Malene Birger 

By Malene Birger stands as a beacon of mindful fashion, as showcased through their “Made with Care” initiative. With an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and ethical considerations, the brand seamlessly merges sophistication with sustainable values, redefining modern elegance.

Hevina Ribbed Wool Maxi Skirt
Alanis Oversized Double-Breasted Organic Cotton-Blend Twill Trench Coat
Gebia Striped Wool-Blend Maxi Skirt


OMHU, Danish for ‘to look after with care’, elegantly weaves function, comfort, and exquisite design. Crafted in the UK with a Danish origin, each OMHU piece embodies lasting allure, becoming wardrobe essentials. Designed by Lin Roughe of the Royal Danish Academy of Design, the collection champions simplicity and sophistication, with nods to Danish Islands in each piece’s name. Consciously fashioned from Icelandic, Italian, and British wool, the collection harmonises environmental mindfulness with enduring resilience, reflecting an outer strength and inner softness. They also launched this week, so you will be sure to be the only one sporting their new knitwear pieces!



Blanche Copenhagen is a brand defined by effortless elegance, crafting contemporary essentials inspired by the modern woman’s dynamic lifestyle. With a commitment to sustainable production and minimalist aesthetics, Blanche Copenhagen seamlessly merges timeless design with ethical values.

Wayne Skirt
Noir Denim Dress
Seawool Razor Back Dress


ASKET redefines fashion with radical transparency, offering a meticulous breakdown of each garment’s journey to empower consumers with informed choices. Through this commitment, ASKET not only delivers timeless, quality essentials but also fosters a new era of conscious and responsible shopping.

The Standard Black Jeans
The T-Shirt
The Wool Cardigan

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