The Sustainable Selfridges Holiday Gift Guide

Alice Hartwell

With the holiday season well on its way, so begins the mad present-buying rush. Typically we seek one-stop-shops, places offering various gift options for all (even the most fussy recipient) and nowhere comes through at Christmas quite like Selfridges. A globally recognised department store for luxury goods of all descript, Selfridges has in the past few years begun taking vital steps towards a sustainably focused output – helping you shop responsibly this festive period. 


Sustainability Commitments Made By Selfridges 

Back in 2020, Selfridges launched their “Project Earth” strategy, marking a move towards a more sustainable and ethical retail landscape. This strategy was founded on 3 core values; the use of more sustainable materials, changing business models and curating a more inclusive business mindset. In their 2023 report, Selfridges committed to the following:


  • Everything built, bought and sold will meet their environmental and ethical standards by 2030
  • 45% of all transactions will be circular by 2030
  • Net-Zero carbon emissions by 2040


In just a few short years, we can see the impact of these changes with over 14% of sales coming from the Project Earth Shopping Edit, a growth of 280% in the ReSelfridges preloved, circular product system in the past year and a 17% reduction in scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions in 2022. A retail giant like Selfridges taking proactive steps towards environmental preservation should hopefully be a siren call for others to follow suit, in the meantime, they’ve safely got our holiday gifting needs (consciously) met. 

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