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Today we are discussing an often forgotten sector of the fashion world, maternity wear.  Keep reading to learn about sustainable sophistication with For The Creators (FTC), where maternity fashion meets eco-conscious style. From versatile button-downs to exclusive collections, FTC seamlessly blends comfort and luxury. FTC founder, Lyndsay Mason, opens up to us about their curated wardrobe; how the platform is embracing sustainability without compromising on aesthetic allure. 

For the Creators Founder, Lindsay Mason

What goes into the process of creating a maternity-friendly wardrobe from scratch, considering both comfort and style? 

For The Creators is rooted in helping women feel the best versions of themselves at a time when often we can feel disconnected from our identities. Your body is doing incredible things, but it’s also continually changing and keeping up with it and your wardrobe needs can be hard work. The last thing you need is another thing to exhaust you and that’s where FTC comes in. 

What we require from our clothing evolves as we progress through pregnancy and into postpartum and we look for function as much as we look for fit and style. When I was pregnant I thought I had to buy into maternity clothes from maternity brands but it doesn’t need to be the case. Maternity brands are fantastic, they’re the experts indeed and we believe there are some things (especially once you reach the 3rd trimester) which just aren’t bump-friendly, but there are also plenty of cuts that can easily accommodate. Taking any guesswork out of it, For The Creators have hand-picked our whole collection to be full of pre and postnatal heroes so you won’t have to worry ‘will it work’ because we’ve already figured it out for you. 

So how does it work?

We start with the basics such as tanks and bodies that will see you through every stage of your pregnancy and early motherhood journey and become your second skin. Here we’re looking to work with high quality, mother-led brands such as Jorgen House that understand a pregnant person’s form and build functional pieces that place comfort at the core. 

Button downs are hands down one of the most versatile wardrobe staples for maternity and beyond. A button down top/shirt is the perfect go to for the first to the fourth trimester. Wear it buttoned up in the first trimester then as an open layer in your second and third then rely on it as a great easy access breast feeding option, If that’s what you choose. 

Temperatures when you’re pregnant can be tricky to crack, regardless of the time of year. We are always seeking out breathable fabrics that can either be layered in winter months or enjoyed for their cooling qualities in the summer months. 

So many women feel like keeping their style mojo alight during pregnancy is a challenge. We want women to feel that they can express themselves during pregnancy and therefore provide a range that enables them to play with colours, cuts and fabrics that they might not otherwise opt for.

"Your body is doing incredible things, but it's also continually changing and keeping up with it and your wardrobe needs can be hard work."

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Building a sustainable wardrobe is crucial today. How do you balance the quest for quality products with the goal of minimising environmental impact? 

We’ve built and continue to curate a capsule of items that outlast the traditional seasons, they are classic, timeless pieces that will outlast trends. We want women to use FTC as their evolving wardrobe, removing the need to buy new items each month/season and instead rotate in different pieces when they need them for the time period that they need them. 

We estimate that each garment will have roughly 10 different women wear it for up to a month at a time before we move the garment into our pre-loved category where it can be purchased. All the brands we work with produce high quality, well-made pieces that will endure 10+ months of repeat wear by 10+ different women and still be in a good condition to sell and rehome. 

Moreover, we are curating maternity capsules from non-maternity brands from their excess stock that otherwise may have gone to waste.

How has FTC evolved and grown? Are there key milestones or moments that stand out, and how have you addressed the changing needs of expectant mothers in the market? 

FTC started with me in my spare room curating a breastfeeding collection from non maternity brands. From there we have evolved to being a destination for modern motherhood, with thousands of customers across the UK. The motherhood market is archaic and rooted in babies’ needs not those of the mother, the creator. FTC is building a destination that reflects and caters to her needs and values the unique challenges that we all face as we navigate pregnancy and motherhood. Clothing is just the starting point, over the past 12 months we have launched a health and wellness retail arm which curates mother-safe skincare and wellbeing products, each endorsed and tested by our in-house GP Dr Anna Cantlay. We want FTC to be a destination that caters to women from fertility through to motherhood and we’re working relentlessly to provide a comprehensive suite of products and services that are tailored to her pregnancy and motherhood stage. 

With this goal, we have just launched an exclusive collection of pregnancy and post-partum gift sets with Chelsea & Westminster Hospital’s maternity specialists in The Kensington Wing, offering 6 gift sets to target different stages of the pregnancy and motherhood journey.

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Can you share some of the challenges and successes you’ve experienced on the journey towards becoming more sustainable? 

I started FTC with the objective of helping to build a better world for my son and one day his children/grandchildren. When you become a parent I think the climate crisis suddenly (rightly or wrongly) feels all the more urgent. The first thing I did when I set up the business was to work with a sustainability consultant in mapping out a sustainability roadmap and OKR’s that would take us through the next 5-8 years. This ranges from people/premises through to packaging, procurement and user experience. 

Our sustainability practices have been rooted in actions and policies that we’ve had the bandwidth and resources to facilitate such as planting 5 trees with every order to offset the carbon emissions of posting product to customers (today we’ve planted 12,000 across the world) or ensuring we work with B-Corp certified cleaning partners in ACS or ensuring that our packaging partner RePack ensures 15 deliveries per item of packaging.  Over the next 12 months we will be working towards B-Corp certification.

Maternity fashion often involves a delicate balance between style and functionality – so how are you able to incorporate sustainability without compromising on the aesthetic appeal? 

When I was pregnant I found myself being forced into fast fashion because I needed quick fixes of new clothing for events or holiday’s when my body had once again changed shape. I had accumulated a wardrobe full of clothing that I didn’t like, had worn a handful of times and that didn’t reflect my personality. Buying new during this period of your life doesn’t make sense. The consumption model is broken and FTC is here to change that. FTC is designed to enable women to consume in whatever way suits their needs, values and budget without having to compromise on aesthetics or appeal. 

There are circa 700,000 live births in the UK every year with British women purchasing 21 items of clothing costing around £700 per pregnancy. It is further estimated that 10% of women will throw their maternity clothes in the bin, resulting in approx. 1.5 million maternity garments ending up in UK landfills each year. 

By choosing to rent your maternity clothes (or the majority of them) we can help to reduce this figure considerably. 

That is why, at FTC we offer two type of rental options: membership packages, which are clothing subscriptions designed to take mothers through every trimester and beyond, and one-time-rental options for special occasions such as a wedding.

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