Meet Haveli - The Jamaican Brand Redefining Luxury Through Passion and Purpose

In the bustling streets of Jamaica, where vibrant colours dance under the Caribbean sun and the spirit of creativity flows through every corner, Haveli stands as a beacon of tradition, conscious fashion, and community empowerment. Founded on principles of sustainability and cultural appreciation, this Jamaican fashion brand has woven a narrative of heritage and luxury into every thread.  Our Editor-in-chief Bianca Foley sat down with founder Haveli to discover more about the luxury fashion brand.

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Jamaican culture is that of a vibrant woven tapestry, where reggae rhythms blend with the aroma of exotic spices, a new chapter in luxury fashion unfolds. From the busy streets of Kingston to the sun-kissed beaches of Montego Bay, the island’s essence is woven into the fabric of its burgeoning fashion scene.

Here, amidst the lush landscapes and vibrant hues, designers craft creations that marry tradition with innovation, paying homage to Jamaica’s rich heritage while embracing the allure of contemporary luxury. Among these visionaries stands Haveli, who are recontextualising what it means to create a conscious, luxury brand for the modern woman.

“At Haveli, we believe in fashion that not only looks good but does good,” shares Mina Robertson, the visionary founder behind the brand. Her commitment to natural, non-toxic dyes and biodegradable materials reflects the brand’s respect for the environment and the communities they work with.  Mina’s story began at the tender age of 13, with an internship at the Style Observer, igniting her lifelong passion for the fashion world. This early experience shaped her path, leading her to hone her skills alongside renowned photographers and stylists, ultimately illuminating her unique aesthetic and vision.

Indeed, their journey is as much about preserving artisanal traditions as it is about creating stunning pieces. By investing in Indian communities skilled in hand block printing and championing the artistry of local dyers, Mina ensures that each garment tells a story of craftsmanship and cultural pride.

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“We want to inspire the younger generations to embrace these skills,” explains Mina. “Fashion is more than just fabric; it’s a connection to our roots, a celebration of timeless elegance.”


The brand’s ethos is embodied in every stitch, every print. From the hand block printed sorrel motifs by Jamaican artist Joshua Solis to the intricate linens designed for the modern woman on the move, Haveli pieces are infused with a sense of purpose and passion.  Designed in Jamaica and brought to life in India, each garment harmoniously blends Caribbean and Indian heritage to create timeless pieces that epitomise the brand’s ‘easy elegance’ aesthetic.


“For dreamers, for lovers, for us”, Mina explains, was the battlecry to describe her first space which became a beacon in the community in Kingston.  Even during the challenges of the pandemic, Haveli adapted, embracing digital platforms to connect with customers around the world. Virtual tours allowed fashion enthusiasts to explore the brand’s ethos and escape into a world of elegance and imagination.


Designed in Jamaica and brought to life in India, each garment harmoniously blends Caribbean and Indian heritage to create timeless pieces that epitomise the brand’s ‘easy elegance’ aesthetic.  “There’s something spiritual in fashion,” muses Mina. “It’s a language of expression, a way to connect with our divine femininity.”

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But who is the Haveli woman you might ask? According to Mina, she is “grown, rooted, and self-assured, yet warm, open, and worldly.” She is the embodiment of Haveli’s ethos – conscious, confident, and compassionate.

As Haveli continues to make its mark on the luxury scene in Jamaica, it stands alongside other trailblazing brands like Tribe Nine Studios and Ria Imani, each weaving a unique tapestry of Jamaican identity and global influence.

Haveli is redefining what it means to be distinctly Jamaican, creating fashion that is both distinctive and influential, a true reflection of its cultural roots and global perspective.

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