6 Female-Owned Ethical Businesses to Visit in London

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There is an exciting movement underway – a celebration of female owned businesses that not only spotlight ethical practices, but happen to thrive and the busy capital and it is no surprise that in 2023, women-owned businesses contributes to £105bn to the UK economy.

It’s essential to shed light on the broader context on female-owned businesses in the UK. According to recent statistics, women led enterprises in the country have been steadily increasing over the past decade. Despite this positive trend, female entrepreneurs still face unique challenges, such as limited access to funding and gender-based biases. Holly Tucker, the founder of ‘Not on the High Street’ stated “8 out of 10 young people are unable to name a single female entrepreneur. In fact, when they hear the word “entrepreneur” they are 4 times more likely to think of a man”. Supporting women-owned businesses not only fosters gender equality but also contributes to a more inclusive and dynamic economic landscape, with Grace Beverley, an inspiring female entrepreneur and sustainability advocate, claiming “Female-led companies hire more women, promote more women, and pay women more”.

We are diving into six female-owned businesses that deserve a spot on your must-visit list in partnership with our pals at In Good Company.  Add these to your list of things to do over as the weather warms up…

Nestled in the heart of Dalston, Weino BIB is a wine-lover’s paradise masterminded by the brilliant Kirsty Tinkler. This female-owned business is not just a wine bar, it’s an experience not to be missed. With an extensive selection of natural wines and a commitment to sustainable practices, Weino BIB invites you to savour the complexities of each sip while supporting a woman at the forefront of London’s vibrant nightlife. 

Weino BIB’s commitment extends beyond wine with 100% renewable energy, waste management, and ecological detergents.  The female-owned business prides itself on its innovative packaging- like “bag-in-box”, as well as the fostering of more sustainable alternatives to conventionally used glasses and bottles, reinstated by pouches and cans, ultimately lowering their carbon footprint by as much as 80%.

Wieno BIB contributes to a sustainable future, where equality, diversity and environmental consciousness converge in a glass.

Know & Love is a boutique situated in London’s Stoke Newington, founded by the visionary, Karen Sims. Here, you can embrace the art of conscious consumerism as you explore thoughtfully curated pieces that embody both style and sustainability. As proudly stated on their website, “Know & Love is all about personal connection and community, for every product there is a heartfelt story of friendship, family, memory or local connection. 

The products are practical, stylish and mainly hand-crafted homewares with an emphasis on simplicity, authenticity and natural materials”. Karen’s commitment to ethical interior styling makes Know & Love a go-to-destination for those who believe in the production of sustainably created items, along with the support of women in business to drive positive change for the bettering of communities, and in turn, our planet. 

Situated in the heart of Crouch End is Sourdough Sophia, founded by baker extraordinaire Sophia Patel, the establishment is more than a bakery – it’s a community hub. 

Sourdough Sophia started rather heartwarmingly in the fond comfort of the founder’s living room, and was created with the soul aim to “change the way us Brits consume bread, one loaf at a time”. The female-led impetus combined with their ethical choice to exclusively use flour made with regenerative farming practice, you can be sure to feast on award winning, freshly baked sourdough, all whilst settling in comfortably with the knowledge that each loaf represents a commitment to local sourcing and artisanal craftsmanship. Sophia’s passion for bread extends beyond the bakery, creating a space where Londoners can gather, share stories, and break bread together.

Bianca Tavella’s Fair Shot Café in Covent Garden is not your average coffee shop. With a mission to empower women and those who are less fortunate through employment opportunities, every cup of coffee served carries a story of resilience and hope. With 36 young adults already supported out of the unemployment cycle so far, fair shot aims to lower the currently saddening statistic that 95% of adults in the UK with learning disabilities are unemployed. Via the combination of female-based leadership and a proud partnership with charity “Mencap”, Fair Shot ensures that “each of their learners receive tailored support needed to thrive and succeed in their own journey”. By supporting Fair Shot Café, you’re not just enjoying a caffeine fix; you’re actively contributing to a community-driven initiative that believes in the transformative power of fair employment.

Step into Gather, an organic refill store in Peckham founded by sustainability advocate Tash. This female-owned business is not just a store; it’s a mission to make sustainable choices more accessible for everyone. Tash’s vision transforms this space into a haven for conscious consumers, offering a range of refills spanning from pantry staples to cleaning essentials and toiletries.

Gather boasts a diverse selection of eco-swaps, including beeswax wraps, reusable period products, and even biodegradable bin bags. And for those seeking a unique touch, there’s a sustainable wine collection and an irresistibly cool-looking peanut butter-making machine.

The female-owned business walks the talk of sustainability in every aspect, and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2022, they received a Highly Commended recognition in the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards. The accolade underscores Gather’s impact in fostering an ethical business model.

In the cultural enclave of Stoke Newington, 34.4 stands a natural skincare haven. This female-owned gem offers a range of cruelty-free and majority organic skincare products, inviting you to indulge in self-care that is as pure and authentic as the women behind it.

At 34.4, the philosophy is clear – kindness to your skin and kindness to the planet. It’s a call to ditch the overwhelming 20-step skincare routine in favour of sustainability. The small business champions the reuse and recycling of their glass jars. To sweeten the deal, for every six clean empty jars returned, they offer a product of your choice, up to the value of £30.

34.4 is more than just a business; their founder Elka and her team are dedicated to making a positive impact on the community and supporting their employees. This commitment is clear in their choice to donate 3.44% of every sale to the Natural Beekeeping Trust.


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