Interior Obsessed? A Guide to Slow and Considered Homeware

Nadine Bacchus-Garrick @nads_bacchus

Credit: Nadine Bacchus-Garrick

Homeware has been having a moment. Now more than ever, shopping for on-trend, and tantalisingly cheap homeware couldn’t be easier. The highstreet is awash with affordable homeware lines, keeping up with consumer’s needs to have the perfect aesthetic home. The rise of renovation and interior Instagram accounts have played a massive role in the acceleration of mass-made interiors – I should know,  I’m one of them. In April 2020 I got onto the property ladder for the first time slap bang in the middle of a global pandemic. Furloughed and slightly giddy from it all, I did what any rational millennial would do – I started an Instagram account dedicated to this crazy house journey of mine. 

Three years on, I have a community of people not only rooting for me, but trusting me when it comes to their interior choices, and I don’t take the responsibility lightly. Whilst I’m happy to see well-designed homeware becoming more accessible, I fear we are slowly veering towards an era of throw-away interiors. Tiktok trends like ‘dopamine homes’ encourage a mindset where you buy something, because in that moment, week, month it brightens your mood. But then what happens once you’ve had your ‘hit’ of interior happiness? Look, I’m the last person to chastise  anyone for shopping on the highstreet – I love the occasional highstreet bargain myself. But with our planet in environmental chaos, I think we can all agree that it’s food for thought. So from one interior lover to the next, here are some tips on how to indulge in your addiction the slow, considered and longer lasting way…

Consider the classics


As tempting as it is to opt for the gorgeous boucle or bright velvet sofa, stop and think about how practical and long-lasting your ‘big’ furniture choices are. Will you like that trendy sofa or dining table in 5 years time? Will it stand the test of time? Call me a bore, but for this exact reason I’ve kept my big furniture choices pretty classic. I’ve focussed on quality and practicality as the aim is to keep these pieces for as long as humanly possible! 


See yourself as a collector, not a customer


I know it sounds a little pretentious, but this simple mindset shift has stopped me from making so many pointless impulse purchases. For example If I see a unique glassware set (glassware is my weakness!) I stop to think how it adds to my current collection. How is it different, and how does it add value? Is this purchase supporting an up and coming designer, small business or craftsperson? Call me delusional, but viewing myself as someone who is curating with meaning opposed to another person with a credit card has helped me make more considered decisions. 

Credit: Nadine Bacchus-Garrick

Shop pre-loved, with purpose

Thankfully the world of pre-loved furniture and antiques is growing. Trendy flea markets and car boot sales are everywhere, and many of them are great. This community of sellers take a lot of time and effort and care to curate their stalls. But don’t be fooled by the ‘do-good’ image of a lot of these second-hand environments – it’s still very easy to get caught in a frenzied spree and accumulate things you don’t need. My rule for navigating the world of pre-loved is this; go with purpose. I will only visit a market if there is something in particular I am looking for. For example, I was on the hunt for a particular mid-century coffee table for ages, and armed with a Pinterest photo I kept my focus. Chatting to sellers, and getting their expertise helped me to make the right purchase. These markets can be hit and miss, but soak up the fun and buzzy atmosphere and be prepared to leave (happily) empty handed at many.


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