These Black Owned Conscious Fashion and Beauty Brands Need To Be On Your Radar

As Black History month in the US draws to a close, I wanted to take the opportunity to showcase some of the amazing sustainable and conscious black-owned fashion and beauty brands that are setting trends and making a positive impact. 

Growing up in a black British household really set me on a mission to discover fashion that not only turns heads and also aligns with my values but was also created by people from backgrounds similar to mine.  My mum was an impeccably dressed woman in her day and wore a lot of independent brands and had lots of custom made designs from smaller, female led businesses, long before it was “the norm”. 

The fashion industry has a history of favouring more eurocentric designs and fashion houses in Milan and Paris have often been seen as the gold-standard.  However, we’ve seen a changing in the tides and an evolution in the fashion industry; and it’s thrilling to see an array of black-owned brands paving the way for eco-friendly and socially conscious practices. Black owned businesses are really having a moment, with many gaining notoriety across social media platforms.  There is a growing number of luxury, eco-conscious brands that are taking up some well deserved space on shelves and on the pages of magazines. 

Historically, discovering luxury, natural beauty, traditional styles with a modern twist, and a commitment to sustainability has been hard . From Jade Swim to Bianca Saunders, these game-changers are not just redefining fashion; they’re ensuring our planet and communities stay en vogue. Save these brands for later and be part of the movement towards eco-friendly and socially conscious practices in the fashion industry.

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