Daily Wellness Essentials To Look After Yourself & Our Environment

Alice Hartwell

Wellness is an ever-changing state. It needs to be tended to daily with small rituals and practices that aim to keep our minds and bodies healthy and resilient. Some days we wake up feeling unstoppable, others we feel a little more tender and quiet, perhaps wishing we could crawl back under the covers as the first light of day peeks through our window. These fluid feelings (and all in between) are normal and part of being human, but sometimes the little things we commit to doing for ourselves can make a world of difference. Here are some sustainable products at the heart of my daily wellness rituals. 

MIRROR WATER’S multipurpose balm RUB holds a very beloved space on my bedside table. A nightly reach, I use this product for a quick hand and cuticle massage before bed. As well as keeping my nails strong (seriously, breakage is non-existent) and hands supple, it’s also scented with buttery

One of my wellness rituals that never fails to hit the spot is a soak in the bath, and I’m a fan of any product that promises to enhance the experience, including bath oils. I’ve loved this pick from Aromatherapy Associates for years, I always add a few healthy drops to my bath when I want to soothe tired muscles and create a sense of calm.

The gua sha skincare trend has soared in popularity over the past few years. An accessible at-home massage tool, these little stones can give you the payoff of a facial from the comfort of your own bed. As someone who holds a lot of tension in my face and jaw, a gua sha like this one from Odacitè is great for really getting stuck in and working out any tightness.

Essential oil blends have long been linked to improving feelings of wellness within the mind and body. This roll-on trio from natural aromatherapy brand ede has you covered for whatever mood strikes. I love using them when meditating or to refocus when my mind feels scattered during the day.

Good sleep equates to good wellness and I take my 8 hours of shut eye very seriously. Anything that helps to curate a peaceful sleep environment, I’m down for it. While I’m a fan of pillow mists, the scent of those I’ve tried tends to dissipate too quickly to feel any calming benefits. This Neom mist rivals them all with a combination of 14 snooze-approved essential oils that truly lingers while you drift off.

Would it be a wellness rundown without a candle? Both the scent and atmosphere a lit candle creates can help you shake off the stress of a long day. This candle from Cyre Official will smell as good as it looks, blended with a hedonistic mixture of sustainably-sourced plant oils. At SI, we’re big fans of reusing our empty candle jars to reduce waste, and I’m already mentally planning how to upcycle this beauty.

If candles aren’t really your thing, or you’re looking for a seasonal switch-up (candles just feel weird in summer right?) then you’ll love an electronic diffuser. With just a little water and a few drops of essential oil, like this one from wellness OG Neal’s Yard, you can create a scent sanctuary without worrying about smoke damage. Every night I fire up my electronic diffuser to disperse a fine mist of my favourite sleep blends to help me wind down from the day.

When talking about wellness, vitamins and supplements are always central to the conversation. Having tried various health supplements in my time, none have proved more effective than probiotics. Created to promote healthy gut bacteria, I found taking a probiotic capsule reduced daily bloating and aided digestion. Wild Nutrition is a B-Corp certified supplement brand that offers a range of natural health products delivered in refillable glass jars.

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