How Boop is Reshaping the Industry Landscape

Bianca Foley

The beauty industry has a dark secret.  Waste is a lurking issue often overshadowed by the spotlight of perfection. But amidst the heaps of discarded products and excess packaging lies a glimmer of hope – Boop, the trailblazing online retailer championing sustainability in the beauty industry.

There a re three major offenders contributing to beauty’s waste epidemic: overproduction, packaging, and imperfect stock. Shockingly, over 10% of beauty products meet their demise within the industry’s supply chains, amounting to a staggering $4.8 billion annually – a figure as colossal as the skincare industry in France.

One of the primary villains in this narrative is overproduction, fueled by inaccurate forecasting and short-lived marketing gimmicks like seasonal editions or trend-driven packaging. As brands scurry to keep up with evolving regulations and consumer demands for sustainable packaging, the cycle of waste perpetuates, with old stock often meeting a grim fate in landfills.

There are a few pioneering brands embracing small-batch production and eco-conscious packaging solutions.  Brands like Boucleme and The Natural Africa utilising solutions from clear glass bottles to bioplastics and refillable options, these brands are setting a new standard for beauty packaging, where recyclability and longevity take precedence.

Listen to our episode with Boop Beauty founder, Yasmine Amr on Sustainably Influenced The Podcast

But what about the misfits, the products deemed imperfect or surplus? Boop emerges as the saviour, rescuing these gems from the brink of destruction and offering them a second chance at allure. From minor packaging flaws to rebranded products, Boop’s platform breathes life into what would otherwise meet an untimely end in landfills.


Amidst the discourse, a beacon of hope shines bright: the emergence of regenerative beauty and a shift in consumer behaviour towards sustainability. Brands like The Natural Africa and Bouclème lead the charge, not just in producing clean products but in actively restoring the planet and fostering positive impact within their communities.


As consumers awaken to the realities of waste and greenwashing, the demand for transparency and accountability surges. Amr believes that imperfection doesn’t equate to undesirability, citing that over 95% of women express willingness to purchase imperfect products, with a significant portion ready to pay full price.


Looking ahead, the beauty industry stands at a crossroads, with innovation paving the path towards a greener future. Boop’s mission extends beyond retail – it’s a rallying cry for change, a call to arms for brands and consumers alike to rewrite the narrative of waste and excess.


So what’s next for Boop? Founder, Yasmine Amr envisions a future where the Boop community thrives as a beacon of sustainability, where brands and consumers unite to shape a world where beauty isn’t just skin deep – it’s sustainable, inclusive, and infinitely beautiful.


In the beauty industry’s green makeover, Boop isn’t just a solution – it’s a revolution. And as we embark on this transformative journey, one thing is clear: beauty, in all its imperfect glory, has the power to change the world, one beauty product at a time.

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