7 Indie Skincare Products That Need To Be Added To Your Beauty Shelf

Alice Hartwell

As a beauty writer, a big perk of my job is being regularly introduced to trailblazing indie skincare brands striving to make their mark not only in the world of cosmetics, but also in sustainability. An ethical ethos is by no means cheap for these brands – responsible production can be costly, so I always commend businesses that are steadfastly dedicated to being as sustainable as possible, while working within the financial confines of independence. 

Today is their time to shine – if you’d like to redirect your cash away from the bigger, mainstream skincare companies and instead into the conscious missions of a few indie brands, I’m sharing a few of my own heroes to get you started. I can confirm that each of these products plays a central role in my personal skincare regimen and has a worthy place on any sustainable skincare shelf.

Skin Diligient - Vitamin C Serum £57

Obsessed with the antioxidant, skin-boosting powers of vitamin C? I guarantee you’ll love this serum-oil hybrid from the independent brand Skin Diligent. Formulated with 99.7% natural ingredients, this product is tailored for those with a tendency towards acne-prone skin, seeking a boost in moisture and brightening without irritation. Although a more recent addition to my routine, I’ve been reaching for it nonstop, with my skin noticeably clearer and more even-toned after use. I’ve tried a lot of serums in my time, and none have made my face feel as smooth as this one.

Then I Met You - Living Cleansing Balm £38

I’m convinced that there’s nothing more satisfying than literally melting long days away with a good cleansing balm every evening. Central to any double cleanse routine, there’s something so feel-good about these products, and this balm from the Korean brand Then I Met You has a rightful place in my top 10 skincare hall of fame. I promise you won’t find a cleansing balm that melts makeup and SPF so easily, without stripping your skin or leaving an oily residue. Plus, if all of that wasn’t enough, TIMY is both cruelty-free and dedicated to natural formulations that put the environment first.

Ultra Violette - Supreme Screen SPF 50+ £34

If you caught our recent Conscious Edit, a social series curating the most coveted fashion and lifestyle pieces in the sustainable space, then the inclusion of this skincare product will come as no surprise. Certified indie cult, this SPF from conscious Aussie brand Ultra Violette has found a home in many beauty lovers’ skincare stash, including my own. With a luxurious texture that leaves behind the healthiest glow, you would be fooled to think Supreme Screen was simply a great moisturiser, leaving no trace of the sticky sun cream feel that’s commonplace with so many high-factor SPFs.

Summer Fridays - Jet Lag Mask £26

Is your skin in need of some post-winter nourishment? Slather on this hydrating mask and thank me later. Put simply, every cell on my face looks like it’s chugged a glass of water after using this, with my skin looking visibly plumper and radiant with weekly use – I wouldn’t want to be without it. All Summer Friday products are proudly vegan and cruelty-free, and they even offer a recycling incentive in the US to reduce waste.

Conserving Beauty - Conserve You Facial Oil £38

Conserving Beauty has a dedication to innovative, sustainable skincare unique to many other indie brands out there. Responsible beauty runs through the heart of the business, with individual sustainability reports and transparent climate statements accompanying each product description. They transparently deliver on their conscious claims, and their best-selling facial oil epitomises a commitment to both effective and eco-friendly skincare. I love using this oil to add a little extra daily nourishment to my morning routine, as I’m sure my fellow dehydrated/dry skinned girlies will too. 

Pai - Century Flower Barrier Defence £39

Speaking of dehydrated skin, I’ve found misting has been the key to remedying this particular beauty woe, and I have a certain toner from organic, B Corp-certified brand Pai to thank. Formulated with skin-barrier-strengthening natural ingredients, this mist both hydrates and soothes with a highly satisfying spritz. Pai too has a sustainable recycling scheme, where you can send back empties for specialist treatment.

Clementine Suds - Lime Balm £4.50

Chronically chapped-lipped sufferers unite – I’ve found another winner. This balm from indie bath and beauty brand Clementine Suds is completely vegan and formulated with a combination of organic shea butter, lime essential oil and avocado oil. Unlike many other lip balms I’ve tried, this one deeply sinks into the skin and hydrates, rather than remaining sticky and surface-level. In lieu of shelling out on expensive lip products, stay budget-friendly and sustainable with this nourishing find. 

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