Turning Pages For Change: 6 Coffee Table Books For Conscious Decor

Esme Price

I have always imagined that when I get my own place, the first room I would want to decorate is the lounge. Being a student, I haven’t got any tables I can style right now, but I have started collecting small items, from trinkets, vases and especially books, all ready and waiting for when I have a place to call my own!


I love all books; from travel, to fashion to interior design and architecture – things that I personally consider the best to read when relaxing!  When shopping for a book I consider the size, the thicker the better, the overall aesthetic of the front cover and the photography that make up the pages. Most coffee table books I purchase have more pages of photography than writing, it must be a thing of beauty; I’m all about the aesthetic.  I choose books that have short paragraphs and don’t consist of too much writing, telling a story through images rather than words. 

Keep reading to see my personal wishlist of coffee table books. I consider them factual and visually pleasing, and we may all learn something whilst sitting with a cup of coffee on a rainy afternoon.

A rare and stunning insight to the world of ethical manufacturing whilst promoting sustainable and ethical practices in the industry. This book will leave you wanting to take more action when curating a slower and more conscious shopping lifestyle when creating your style. It also captures perfect imagery of the craftful hands that take time to produce garments that have a longer shelf life than any fast fashion products.

If you’re wanting to be conscious when it comes to travel, reading this will help pick more ethical destinations around the world. From eco-lodges that are based on more sustainable living; to tours designed to put wildlife first and empower the local communities surrounding them. These places will make you feel happier to be spending your time and money on.

Sustainable fashion may be at the forefront of everyone’s minds, but often many of us  want to try a more sustainable approach to skincare or makeup. This covers everything from vegan, cruelty free and zero-waste beauty as well as how to avoid micro plastics.There are tips to simplify your makeup routine by using products that are better for you and the environment, without the hefty price tag.

“As Long As Grass Grows” delves into the resilient history of Native communities resisting environmental injustice and land encroachments, emphasizing the leadership of Indigenous women. Dina Gilio-Whitaker, an Indigenous researcher and activist, navigates through the complexities of treaty violations, struggles for food and water security, and the defence of sacred sites, urging environmentalists to draw inspiration and wisdom from the rich legacy of Indigenous activism. This book not only provides an accessible history of Indigenous resistance but also proposes innovative approaches to environmental justice activism and policy.

This fresh book from the Urban Jungle folks, known for their bestseller Urban Jungle, spills the dirt on the transformative magic of living with plants. Unlike your usual houseplant guides, it’s got easy-to-digest plant wisdom, style tips from real homes, and cool advice on how plants can amp up your vibes, creativity, and well-being while bringing in good vibes and prosperity. Packed with real questions from @urbanjungleblog followers, tips on plants and pets, and guidance for every stage of a plant’s life, it’s all about turning every room into a positive energy hotspot and living the plant-filled good life.

This book is like having your stylish eco-warrior friend guide you through creating a planet-friendly pad. Blogger Christine Liu keeps it real, taking you room by room with practical tips, 18 DIY projects, and inspo to amp up your low-impact living game. From decluttering and plant-based eats to DIY toothpaste and furniture upcycling, it’s a handbook for making a difference, big or small. Perfect for anyone keen on greening up their space but unsure where to start in this era of eco-conscious vibes.

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