We Love The Scarf Coat Trend, Here Are The More "Ethical" Options

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It is not easy to be be a fashion lover and consume more consciously, especially when there are so many trends to buy into! Here at Sustainably Influenced, we would never encourage our lovely readers to by anything *just because*, but after seeing that the scarf coat trend has come back around for another season, we just couldn’t help but check out the more ethically made versions out there! 

Now it is early days so this isn’t the most extensive list (no shock there we guess), but more and more brands are starting to bring out their version of the cult Toteme piece that has been all over our Instagram and TitTok feeds the past few years.  Keep reading got find your favourite…

Fashion creator Ebony Francis wears the Toteme Scarf Coat in all black saying “This was an easy investment purchase for me”

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