Upgrade Your Period Care This New Year

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It’s a new year and with all the January resolutions comes lots of changes.  Now here at Sustainably Influenced, we don’t believe in throwing out everything you own and only buying sustainable products.  I mean, that in itself isn’t sustainable at all!  One area that can make an incredibly huge impact is with our period products.  There are so many more options today than there was 5 years ago and we want to share some of our favourites.  From plastic free sanitary pads to some of our favourite period underwear, this round up has something for everyone!

Fluus pads are our new obsession – completely plastic free, zero waste, FLUSHABLE (yes, that’s right) and available on a subscription so you never have to worry about stocking up ever again!  Use the code SUSTAINABLY30 to receive 30% off a monthly plan or one time purchase. 

Shop The 12 Pack Of Fluus Pads Here

Next up we have reusable pads from Mooncup x WUKA.  These come in 3 absorbances, so you will be secure at every stage of your period.  Just stick them in the washing machine and they are ready to use again next month! 

Mooncup x WUKA Reusable Period Pads

Period underwear has become so popular in recent years with brands like WUKA, Fluxies and even M&S getting in on the action.  Our faves are the Modibodi high leg pants, that come in a wide range of sizes (up to 3XL/20) and colours.

Modibodi Seamfree Hi-Leg Pants

If you prefer your period underwear to still look like pretty lingerie then check out Understatement. Now these are definitely for lighter days as they don’t have the best absorbancy, but in these, noone would know that it is your time of the month. 


Understatement Lace Period Cheeky Black

If you still can’t get down with reusable products or simply prefer tampons, we also love DAYE’s organic cotton tampons that come natural or coated in CBD (great for period pains).  These are also available on a subscription model or you can buy them as a one off too! And while these aren’t completely zero waste, the wrappers are ocean safe and flushable.

Daye's organic sustainable cotton tampons Nude & CBD tampons

If you’re looking for pain relief, you should definitely check out the BeYou Monthly patches.  Even though they are single use products, they are biodegradable and packed full of essential oils to help soothe your pain.

BeYou Monthly Pain Relief Patch

We also love the DAYE CBD Balm.  Apply it to any area where you have problems from achy muscles to stomach cramps – its super discreet and is THC free.

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