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Boohoo Breaks Ethical Promises In New Documentary

Fast fashion retailer Boohoo is the focus of a new documentary for BBC Panorama, where journalists found the brand to be breaking its own ethical promises, including forcing suppliers to work for unreasonably low costs, and outsourcing production to Morocco. Can we say we’re surprised?!

Spain Is Banning Short-Haul Flights

Spain is proposing a ban on short-haul flights, where there is a rail alternative that takes less than two-and-a-half hours. The move comes after neighbouring France did the same last year, but surprisingly only three flight routes were affected. Is this green or greenwashing?

Gucci Launches Vegan Leather Handbags

Gucci has rolled out a new range of its iconic Horsebit handbags, this time in vegan leather. The fashion house used animal-free Demetra, a material made exclusively by Gucci from 75% plant-based materials. Check out its series of launch videos, featuring the one and only Billie Eilish.

Would You Wear Clothes Made From A Car?

Would you wear clothes made from your car? That’s the question Hyundai is asking after it teamed up with Jeremy Scott to recycle its airbags and seatbelts into haute couture gowns and accessories. I don’t know about you, but I’d certainly shift gears with my style to make these work.

Camille Charriere Shows Off Her Pants

Fashion it-girl Camille Charriere has teamed up with sustainable knicker brand Stripe & Stare to create her own underwear edit. With sizes ranging from 6-22, and being biodegradable thanks to their use of Tencel, we know what we’re adding to our knicker drawer next.

Has Apple Been Caught Greenwashing?

Apple is facing scrutiny from European environmental and consumer groups over claims that its latest devices are “carbon neutral”, with the term being called “misleading”. Apple is under fire due to the fact that its new carbon neutral Watches rely on credits to cancel out the 7-12kg of greenhouse gas emissions created with each new Watch.

Are Cooking Shows Making Us Less Sustainable?

While food experts say we should eat less meat and switch to electric stoves, it seems cooking shows are continuing to promote steaks, gas hobs, and endless waste. Isn’t it time for these cooking shows to get with the programme?

Milan Plans To Ban Cars From City Centre

Milan is proposing to ban cars from its city centre. Milan is one of Italy’s busiest cities, and one of Europe’s most polluted cities. Its air quality is four times over the safe amount prescribed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) so the ban is sorely needed.

EU Bans Glitter

The European Union has banned non-biodegradable, insoluble plastic glitter this week. Unfortunately, the ban doesn’t extend to the United Kingdom, as the UK left the EU in 2020, however we do encourage you to choose glitter made from “soluble, natural or inorganic” material rather than plastic.

M&S Launches Fully Recyclable Coffee Cup

M&S is the first retailer to roll out fully recyclable coffee cups across its cafes. Regular disposable coffee cups are usually made with a plastic lining, meaning they cannot be recycled. These new cups are made from paper fibre, and are certified plastic free, so they can go in on-street recycling bins or in household recycling.

New Clothes Recycling Innovations

Commercial clothing recycling is still in its infancy, and clothing-to-clothing recycling is even more rare. However, clothes recycling could be one way to reduce the impact of fashion waste and waste colonialism. Puzzles, pillows and plastic pellets are some of the items being made right now with old clothes. But as always, buying less is probably best.

Shein Accused of Copying Sustainable Designers

Shein has once again been accused of copying independent fashion labels. In a new piece by The Guardian, Baiia Swimwear, MaisonCléo, and Transformations by Tracy all allege copyright infringement.

London Fashion Week Line-Up Announced

London Fashion Week starts next week, with shows from Thursday 14th through to Tuesday 19th September. Keep an eye out for sustainable fashion favourites Ahluwalia, Patrick McDowell, Phoebe English, and more.

Private Policy Wins AAPI Award

Emerging label Private Policy has been awarded the CFDA’s inaugural AAPI design and innovation grant. The initiative, which launched in July, is a mentorship programme for emerging fashion designers of Asian, Asian American or Pacific Islander (AAPI) ancestry.

Toast Launches Its Own Resale Platform

Toast has launched a new resale platform as part of the brand’s continuing efforts to provide more circular solutions. The service invites customers to bring pre-worn items into stores or mail them directly, where they will then be sorted and graded through the company’s ‘Toast Reworn’ programme.

Stitch Fix Is Shutting Down In The UK

Personal styling and e-commerce platform, Stitch Fix, is shutting down its UK operations, after a continuous decline in demand. Does this reflect a fall in demand for personal styling services, or the wider impacts of Brexit? Perhaps both.

E.l.f. Acquires Clean Skincare Brand Naturium

Beauty giant E.l.f. has acquired innovative clean skincare brand Naturium, in the brand’s first acquisition since 2020. The $355 million deal is said to support the extension of E.l.f.’s portfolio into skincare, while still working at an accessible price point.

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