What To Do With Clothes You No Longer Wear

Nderu Kinyanjui

So you’re done wearing your old clothes and you don’t know what to do with them. The thought of selling them on resale sites like Vinted or Depop has popped up in your mind but the idea of taking all those pictures and packaging them is just too much work (or maybe I’m just lazy).

You want to give them to your younger siblings or friends but like in my case you’re the last born and none of your friends appreciate the flair of your wardrobe (major side eye).

Nonetheless, you want to get rid of your clothes without them ending up in the landfill of a developing country but don’t know how to do so, don’t worry we’ve got you covered! These are just some of the few things you can do to achieve your goal whilst still doing right by Mother (not Beyoncé) Earth.

Donate Old Clothes To Charity Shops

Charity shops have become a staple among the sustainable fashion world and those trying to subtly flaunt their eco-conscious wardrobes. When you pop into your favourite charity shop, there’s likely a donation bin at the entrance. If not, ask the cashier or manager or sales assistant. Now I’m not going to list the whole business structure but just make sure whoever you ask works there!

Charity shops thrive on donations, and not only are you giving your old garms a new home, the proceeds of these go towards financing whatever charity they support – it’s in the name.

List Old Clothes For Resale!

Now for those you business savvy shoppers, according to girl maths, if you sell clothes you weren’t going to wear again and possibly throw away this is essentially like making free money! If I scared you off in the intro, fear not because it really is not hard, at all! Think of it this way all you have to do is download eBay or Vinted or insert-your-favourite-resale-app-here, take pictures, package and send them – you don’t even have to print labels or pay for postage so it’s literally free money!  If you prefer, there are loads of amazing consignment platforms who will happily take your clothing and sell it on your behalf for a small fee, some of our favourites include Curate and Rotate and Retold Vintage

Alternatively, if selling on apps isn’t really your thing but you’re still looking to make some quick cash – I swear this isn’t a pyramid scheme – there are the options of boot sales and flea markets. Not only is this a great way to sell your clothes but is an amazing way to meet new people and build community.

Host A Clothes Swap

Clothes swapping has been and on-going tradition for generations, whether you’re exchanging clothes with your friends, wearing your siblings clothes without their permission (it’s not stealing if you live together and they do the same thing), lending your pieces to your friends and family or going to an actual organised clothe swap, this is the perfect way to get rid of old clothes but still keep them whilst have things to wear!

Special mention to those of us with a unique fashion sense, surrounded by people who don’t see the vision, there are peer-to-peer platforms such as ByRotation and Loanhood where you can rent out your old clothes for money (and equally rent others’ wardrobes yourself) – and if that isn’t enticing enough they literally collect the clothes from your house so it’s like the girlboss way of selling clothes all from the comfort of your room. I think I’ve said enough!

Give It All Away

You’re probably thinking giving your pre-loved clothes away is the same as donating them to charity but trust me it’s not the same thing. It may be hard to let go of certain pieces but if you’ve not worn a piece of clothing in years or months cause you’ve outgrown it, rebranded, it no longer fits or you’re a hoarder (no shame, letting go of certain things can be hard but it’s totally freeing!)

Giving your old clothes away to family and friends is the perfect way to declutter and let go of belongings to trusted people, so you know your loved and cherished belongings are going to a safe place. Bonus to this is people aren’t going to take things they don’t like so your clothes will not end up in a landfill.

Disclaimer: we are not to blame for any strains in relationships if they end up at the back of another wardrobe.

Upcycle Your Garms

Now this final option is for you creatives, who like cutting and sticking and are able to see the beauty and bring life to even the most atrocious of pieces. Upcycling is essentially taking old pieces of clothing you no longer wear and breathing new life into them. You don’t need to have the best sewing equipment, or fancy stitching patterns. Literally all you need is Pinterest or TikTok sprinkled with your imagination and a pair of scissors and you’re all set to go! Lydia Bolton hosts various workshops if you are interested in getting started.

Now that I’ve bestowed all my knowledge on you, I set you free to go forth and let your eco wings flow!

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